Just to be clear, when a child is singled out and labelled as ‘gifted‘, the rest of the students are…‘ungifted’? And when one or two are labelled as ‘talented’, the rest are…?

We need to be really careful with labels.

Published by

David Bott

Bestselling Author: 10 Things Schools Get Wrong | Co-Founder & Chief of Educational Content at Vidaly | Dubai Future Council for Education | Expert in Applied Wellbeing Science

One thought on “Untalented”

  1. Could not agree more. In the primary context the idea of “differentiation” is hugely problematic, especially when it means groups of students working on different tasks in accordance with a teacher’s ranking of their ability (or worse still a perception of their potential). Children see right through colour codes or Australiana group names and quickly attach your judgments to their judgments about themselves.


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